Cooper House, Los Angeles with Chris Garavaglia

Photographer Yu Tsai met up with model Chris Garavaglia at Cooper House, Los Angeles. There they talked about guitars, studying law and Emma Watson. Click to read the interview.

Chris G : Sorry I am a bit late for our Skype interview.

Yu Tsai : you are excused. Where are you right now?

CG : I’m in Chicago.

YT : At your parent’s house?

CG : No, my own apartment. I do have a roommate.

YT : I see that you have a Radiohead poster behind you. Is that your favorite band?

CG : I like them, but they aren’t my favorite. I don’t think I have an absolute favorite band, but right now, I’m really into “The Decemberists” and “Cold War Kids.” But, I would have to say one of my favorite albums ever is Third Eye Blind’s self-titled. I love music ever since I was young. I would sing along to the radio.


White shorts by HUGO BOSS red label, brown cardigan by PAUL SMITH.

YT : You don’t anymore?

CG : Not as much. I wanted to be a rockstar when I was younger.

YT : Who doesn’t. It’s not too late for you. Only the good-looking people seem to make it in the music business. You have that going for you already.

CG : ( laughing and thinking ) I guess that is true. I got my first guitar when I was 14.

YT : I just started learning to play the acoustic guitar about 4 months ago. I am kinda addicted. I wish I had started when I was younger. Guitar is not a very Asian instrument you know.

CG : I started with the electric guitar. Now I love the acoustic Martin guitar.

Oversize knit cardigan by FREESOULand striped long sleeves shirt by APC.

YT : So you are a newbie in the modeling business. How do you like it so far?

CG : I guess you can say that. I am a “New Face” at Ford. But, I actually started about 2 years ago.

YT : Really? I haven’t seen you. Where have you been the last two years.

CG : School, I wanted to finish school before I take on the modeling path.

YT : What were you studying?

CG : Public relations and communication.

YT : I’m sure that’ll come in handy in modeling?

CG : I am also studying my LSAT now. I really want to be an entertainment lawyer. Live in New York or LA and work for a big studio like Warner Brother and such.


Oversize knit cardigan by FREESOUL and white shorts by HUGO BOSS red label.

YT : That is ambitious. Any other lawyers in the family that is influencing you?

CG : My Uncle, the one that got me the first guitar, he’s a lawyer and my younger brother just changed his major in college from Biology to Law.

YT : What about your Dad?

CG : He’s an electrical engineer.

YT : Oh, he’s a nerd.

CG : Well, not anymore. I don’t think. ( laughing ). He just works a lot. In fact, he works way too much.

YT : And your Mom, was she a nerd too?

CG : No, she was a stay-at-home Mom. Now my brother and I have both left the nest, she spends her time taking care of my Grandmother and my Aunt. My Aunt has down syndrome. My Mother is a very giving person and an incredible woman. I love her.

YT : Are they supportive in your modeling path?

CG : At first I thought my father would object. But he actually was really supportive. He trusted that I am smart enough to make good decisions and if modeling doesn’t work out, I can still try to become a rockstar right?


heavy cable knit turtle neck by DRIES VAN NOTEN and white shorts by HUGO BOSS red label.

YT : Right on… can’t wait to hear your first single. ( Laughing ). How did modeling cross your path in the first place?

CG : Two years ago, I was scouted by my mother agent on my first day working at Abercrombie store at the front desk.

YT : Of course you would be working at Abercrombie. I heard that they only hire pretty people.

CG : Thanks! ( Laughing ) But, I don’t work there anymore.

YT : Dont worry, you are still pretty. Except, who took a chunk off your right ear?

CG : I was born with it. There are only three other people in my family that have the same thing. Me and my late Grandpa on my Mom’s side, and my nine-year-old cousin, Cade.

YT : That’s interesting, but maybe you should tell people you got in to a bar fight and some crazy bitch took a bite off of your ear. It would make it a better story.

CG : Yeah Right? ( Laughing ).


brown striped short sleeves t shirt by H&M, white shorts by HUGO BOSS red label and sun glasses by vintage LINDA FARROW.

YT : Speaking of bitches. Dating anyone at the moment?

CG : No, I havent really dated anyone since I was in six grade.


CG : Yeah, I am very picky and a true romantic. I do have a theory about dating. Might not be a good one. But for me, after I see a girl for 4 weeks or so, if I can’t see myself being with her for the rest of my life, I walk away from the relationship.

YT : That sounds very romantic. I guess you haven’t found some one that can pass your 4 week incubation period.

CG : Guess not! Wait there was one girl that I was into. But she dropped me after about 4 weeks.

YT : She must had the same theory of her own.

CG : ( laughing )

YT : When are you going to move to New York?

CG : Middle of March. I am very excited to live there.

YT : Model’s apartment?

CG : Yeah, to start.

YT : Good luck with that. Are you ready to live the lifestyle of a model? Travel? and Party?

CG : I am excited. But, I know I am grounded enough to be responsible. Modeling is a job and business. I want to do it right.

YT : I heard you shot recently with Steven Klein for Calvin Klein underwear 2012 ads?

CG : Yes, You can see my face in the video, but only my body parts in print ads.


Straw hat by LANVIN.

YT : I hope it’s the good part of the body we see.

CG : You can see the big vein in my arm. That’s how you know its me.

YT : I will be sure to look out for that vein.

CG : Yeah, you can’t miss it.

YT : ( laughing ) What are you going to do between casting calls to pass time?

CG : I am an avid reader.

YT : What do you like to read these days?

CG : My favorite book is Crime and Punishment, followed closely by Catcher in the Rye. Right now, I’m reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and it’s definitely making its way onto my top list.

YT : I hear they are making The Perks of Being a Wallflower into a movie.

CG : ( with excitement ) Yeah! Emma Watson is going to be in the movie.

YT : I take it that Emma Watson is your kinda girl?

CG : Hells YES!!

YT : You do know that Emma Watson doesn’t really know any magic that can turn you into a rockstar right?

CG : Oh!


Cream cable knit by BURBERRY PRORSUM, white shorts by HUGO BOSS red label and sun glasses by vintage LINDA FARROW. Photographer and interview by Yu Tsai, modeling by Chris Garavaglia@Ford, styling by Wyman Chang, make up by Allan Avendano@opus beauty. Hair by John Ruggiero@Starworks Artists, production by and location Cooper House, Los Angeles, California.