The War of Art. Q&A with Performer Fé


By Sara Litzén

The art project called Fé consists of Johan Hinders with help from powers and energy from higher and lower levels. Since 2006 Fé has frequently performed in hometown Stockholm and other big cities in Sweden and toured to New York, Los Angeles and Mexico City in late 2007.

Why do you dress up like a girl?

Fé is an art project and could be described as my inner femme. Fé could be my collied twin sister. So it’s not a cross dress project in a sexual meaning.

What is your inspiration when you choose your clothes?

Fé’s personal style depends on her stylists. But usually we work with the idea of a teenage alternative extrovert girl.

Does Fé have a style icon?

No, I don’t think so. If someone; it should be Nina Hagen!

Are you interested in fashion?

I’m studying archaeology and I’m interested in the human society and all the expressions of it, which also includes today’s fashion.

Is this something that continues off stage?

Fé only exists on stage and in front of the camera.