Fashion Story: Adele

Top and Sleeves by Anna Zwick. Sweater by Anna Zwick, skirt and bolero by I’VR Isabel Vollrath and dress by Kimchi Blue.

Blouse by I’VR Isabel Vollrath, pants by Marcel Ostertag and shoes by Ballin. Dresses by I’VR Isabel Vollrath and earrings by Vintage Dior.

Top by Marcel Ostertag, dress by I’VR Isabel Vollrath, skirt by Steinrohner, necklace by Anna Zwick, harness and earrings stylist’s own. Dress byMarcel Ostertag, dress by Pins And Needles, kimono by Holy Ghost, shoes by vintage Yves Saint Laurent, scarf and jewelry stylist’s own. Photography by Eva Tuerbl, fashion by Madelaine deRose Schäfer, hair and makeup by Natalia Soboleva and modeling by Adele @ Izaio Model Management. Creative info: Eva Tuerbl.