About Contributor: 

Exploring fashion through art and photography since 2008, Contributor invites the viewer into a three-dimensional world of inspiration and creativity. In bringing together some of the most interesting artists today, we highlight experimental approaches to photography. At its best, fashion imagery can be an agent for change and we want to arouse a more general interest in new ways of looking at everyday situations and the making of pictures.

Contributormagazine.com is an online publication that chronicles the portfolios of the artists contributing to the site. In the same spirit as the website, the print issue of Contributor is published twice a year in keeping with the seasonal cycles of fashion. The publication is both aimed at professionals within the fashion industry and a broader audience interested in fashion as a creative field.

Contributor is available at selected stores worldwide. The production team behind Contributor consists of Editor-in-Chief Robert Rydberg, Creative Director Martin Sandberg, Publishing Editor Antonia Nessen (antonia.nessen@contributormagazine.com), Executive Editor Magnus Magnusson and Fashion Director Sarah Gore Reeves, working alongside editorial partners.

Contributor® is a registered trademark and a nonprofit publication. All proceeds are reinvested in the website and magazine. Publisher is Group of Four.