Fashion Story: If You Get Lemons

Sweater by Missoni. Silk trench coat by Kim Shui, shoes by Maxpiff Media, belt by Mused and hat by Louis Vuitton.

Custom t-shirt by Persephone Rose, shoe by Maxpiff Media and pantyhose from Duane Reade. Dress by Mused, bra by Calvin Klein and gloves by Raiders.

Velvet bomber by Mused, silk dress by Mused and shoes by Acme. Hand painted leather jacket by Mused, sheer bodysuit by Mused, shoes by Acme and pantyhose from Duane Reade.

Silk bomber by Mused, silk hoodie by Mused and gloves by Raiders. Photography by Alexandra Carr, fashion by Christine Kohler, production and creative direction by Lindsay Jones, makeup by Kohko and modeling by Ilana Kozlov@Next Models. Creative info: Alexandra Carr, Lindsay Jones and Kohko.