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Claudio wears a shirt by Charlotte Lionnard and a sweater by Gant. Photography by Magnus Magnusson, styling by Claudia Englmann, hair and make up by Barbara Urra, modeling by Claudio Goncalves at UNO Models, photographer’s assistance by Fredrik Marklund and styling assistance by Inés Iribarne. Retouch by K&K Retouch.
Photography by Magnus Magnusson and styling by Claudia Englmann.
Photography by Runvijay Paul, styling by Anchal Notani, modeling by Prency Dedha at Anima Creative Management, make up by David and produced By Dk Talkies. Photography by María Fernanda González, styling by Alba Ayza, hair by Helena Cabrera, make up and hair assistants by Andrea Jordan and Eva Garcia, modeling by Xinyi Zhang at Trend Model Management, Clàudia Agustí and Laila Olivella at Blow Models.
Dove Cameron. Photography by Agata Serge and styling by Sarah Gore Reeves.
Reward If Found. The Appeal Of Commitment by Philippe Pourhashemi.
Photography by Ben Lamberty and styling by Sarah Gore Reeves.
Photography by Coliena Rentmeester and styling by Sarah Gore Reeves.

Contributing Photographers

Agata Serge, Alberto Alaggio, Alexandra Dautel, Ben Lamberty, Cornelia Wahlberg, Estella Dandyk, Garrett Mills, Hailey Liu, Icepong Sang, Iga Drobisz, Julia Yarko, Kane Ocean, Klem Dulak, Kristina Podobed

Laura Martinova, Louise Enhörning, Lucía Izco, Magdalena Czajka-Cardoso, Magnus Magnusson, Maria Kryvobok, María Fernanda González, Minami Okada, Runvijay Paul, Shay Cohen Arbel, Yoo Koon

Contributing Stylists

Alba Ayza, Annica Sidebrand, Anchal Notani, Carrie Mills, Claudia Englmann, July Anderson, Hanna Nawrot, Karolina Fafióska, Klaudyna Wójcik, Klem Dulak, Marta Rosmeri, Paweł Mucha, Peiwen Wang, Robert Rydberg, Sarah Gore Reeves, Samuel Fournier, Sho Furukawa, Soyeon Kim, Suthee Ritthaworn, Valeria Alaggio, Zohar Meiri

Contributing Writers

Alex Schulman, Antonia Nessen, Bradley Quinn, Marco Pecorari, Philippe Pourhashemi

Simon Lööf. Photography by Cornelia Wahlberg and styling by Robert Rydberg.
Photography by Alberto Alaggio, styling by Valeria Alaggio and Andrea Petillo, hair and make up by Francesca Bechi, production by VaCreative Fact, modeling by Runa Ruckstuhl at Wonderwall Managment. Photography by Klem Dulak, styling by Klem Dulak and Paweł Mucha, set design by Piotr Szczęśniak, hair and make up by Eliz Rerich and modeling by Dominique Fran at Selective.
Photography by Kristina Podobed.
Lust For Life. Interview with Michel Gaubert by Philippe Pourhashemi.
Photography by Magnus Magnusson, styling by Claudia Englmann.
Photography by Magnus Magnusson, styling by Claudia Englmann.