Fashion Story: In the Eye of You

Coat by Bimba y Lola, red undies and shoes by Calvin Klein, pants by KETVOID and earrings by Aguamarina . Shirt by Ayanegui.
Shirt by Scent and dress by Moloch. Coat by Angela Reyna, pants and blouse Ayanegui and earrings by Aguamarina.
bra by Malena Foyo, coat and blouse by Bimba y Lola and yellow t-shirt by Ayanegui.
Bag and shoes by Bimba y Lola, blue shirt by Ketvoid, pants and blouse Ayanegui. Shirt by Ketvoid. Photography by Cassar, fashion by Jocelyn Coron, modeling by Emi Red @ Wanted Models, hair and make up by Aracely Gutierrez.