All you need to know about Art Forum Berlin 2009

Art Editor Louise Geijer is bringing you an update from Art Forum Berlin 2009.

This year’s Art Forum Berlin hosted 102
contemporary art galleries, mostly from Berlin and Germany, but also from the rest of Europe and the US. The overall show was smooth and the exhibitors
ventured for safe cards, not daring to go for the extraordinary or anything that could be considered too provocative.

Like, the German artist Tobias Rehberger’s lamps for € 9 000
each (I put the picture upside down to make them look funnier).


The Galerie Haas from Zurich showed
a mix of 20th century portraits and 21st century still
life. This Frauenportrait from 1933 by Rudolf
Schlichter (1890-1955) is a particular favorite.