Behind the Scenes with Titiyo




Behind the Scenes with Titiyo

French Editor Sophie Caby has a pretty unique talent for getting personal in not so many words. She just named singer Titiyo a Contributor favourite after catching her on stage and backstage with her camera and questions at a concert in Paris, the last Friday of September. Being the daughter of African-Swedish musician Ahmadu Jah and growing up with talented siblings Neneh Cherry and Eagle Eye Cherry, Titiyo Jah was practically predestined to be a singer. After a career stretching over two decades she still delivers breathtaking performances.

What were you scared of as a child?

The dark and still is…..

If you had to travel in a time machine, where would you go?

Back in time to meet old relatives. and discover the family tree.

What is your favourite qualities in a woman, and in a man?

In a woman, that she hasn’t got the need or urge fight wars. To nurse is one of the high priorities and also that they, we, are strong as hell. And in a man, the need to always learn and look forward.

Photography and words by Sophie Caby