Being Still: Golden Retriever


Double bangle by Maria Black, tusk ring by Alexa De Castilho, split ring, mandible ring, stag ring by Rachel Boston, gap ring by Jessie Harris and blue bead bangle by Uribe.

Fish scale earrings by Alexa De Castilho. Ring by Clarice Price Thomas.

Feather earrings & D-shape rings by Maya Magal, small and medium cogg studs, small and large cogg ring, clock hand earrings all by Clarice Price Thomas. Scorpion sting bracelet by Rachel Boston and perspex bangle by Cooee.

Bangle by Jessie Harris.

Perspex bangle by Cooee, spine bangle, nuckle duster and mandible ring by Rachel Boston. Necklace by Alexa De Castilho. Photography by Hannah Rose and set design by Alice Wigley.