Close-up: Oscar Spendrup


Get personal with Swedish model Oscar Spendrup who talks about beer, love and regrets.
Portrait by Magnus Magnusson
Hey, how are
– Never been better!
is your most characteristic trait?

Charming and childish.
What tunes best defines you?
– Radiohead.
What’s your
drink of choice?
– It depends on
the occasion, whether it´s a fancy dinner party or chilling with a couple of
mates.. But, if I had to rank, it would be:
1: Beer
2: Champagne
3: Wine
Do you have any
– Of course! I was too hyper as a kid and could probably seem a little annoying and I was pretty
much mean to other kids at school. I did some things that I regret… Every
week my mother got fresh reports from school saying how badly I’d missbehaved…
makes you fall in love?
– A heck of a personality mixed with special and
unusual looks. Not the whole ” long blond hair, big tits and
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