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The fourth printed issue of Contributor Magazine features top model Eliza Cummings on the cover photographed by Camilla Akrans and fashion by editor-in-chief Robert Rydberg.

For this issue, we have discussed lost paradises and the possibilities in fashion for dreaming up new realities. While people are less likely in our era to imagine future utopias, and are rather more fascinated by the supposed realities of different dystopias, fashion is a landscape based on a never ceasing need for extraordinary imagery. The dialogue between identity and different places is a characteristic of these experiments with image flows, and a theme in our vision for the fall and winter months of the season of 2011 and 2012.

Contributor Magazine is an independent fashion publication produced by editor-in-chief Robert Rydberg. Creative director is Martin Sandberg at the advertising agency A/R in New York. The fourth issue also features the online hit What We’re Wearing Tomorrow and texts by Maria Ben Saad, Tom Greenwood, Hallie Newton and Jocko Weyland.

All clothing and accessories by CHANEL. Photography by Camilla Åkrans, styling by Robert Rydberg, hair by Franco Gobbi for G project@ArtList, make up by Wendy Rowe@Caaren using Burberry Beauty, manucure by Cristina Conrad@Callist using M.A.C Cosmetics and modeling by Eliza Cummings@Woman.
Tova is wearing jumpsuit, jacket, brooch and shoes by CHANEL. Hoodie, hair jewelry, gloves and straps by stylist’s studio. Sara is wearing jumpsuit, bracelet and brooch worn as bracelet by CHANEL. Lanyards adorned with brooch by CHANEL and sweatshirt by stylist’s studio. Photography by Magnus Magnusson, styling by Robert Rydberg, hair by Dejan Cekanovic@LINKDetails, make up by Sophia Eriksen@Agent Bauer, fashion assistance by Maria Barsoum, Josefine Skomars and Christopher Insulander, photographer’s assistance by Ninja Hanna, casting directing by Marcus Pettersson@LINKDetails and modeling by Sara E@Stockholmsgruppen and Tova@Elite.
All make up by CHANEL and Theres nails by CHANEL Le Vernis, n°8 Pirate + Mat Top Coat. Photography by Hasse Nielsen, beauty by Anya De Tobon and modeling by Madelene de la Motte and Theres Alxandersson.

Text by Sara Litzen. Photography by Nigel Hosang

Black lace dress by Emanuel Ungaro, red satin bag by Glitter, earrings by Zanzlöza zmycken and hat by Mode Rosa. Short jacket by Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, black bra by DKNY, black belt by CHANEL, black hat with studs by stylit’s studio, shoulder bag stylit’s own and bracelet by Project by Yohar. Photography by Magnus Magnusson, styling by Robert Rydberg, make up by Anya de Tobon@LINKDetails for CHANEL, hair by Peter Andersson@MIKAS, fashion assistnce by Christopher Insulander, Josefine Skomars and Maria Barsoum, photographer’s assistance by Ninja Hanna and modeling by Madelene de la Motte@Stockholmsgruppen.

Photography by Marlon Rueberg. Text by Antonia Nessen.

Photography by Magnus Magnusson, styling by Rober Rydberg, hair by Dejan Cekanovic@LINKDetails, make up by Sophia Eriksen@Agent Bauer, scenography by Gustaf von Arbin, fashion assistance by Christopher Insulander, Josefin Skomars and Maria Barsoum, scenographer’s assistance by an Sjölund, photographer’s assistance by Ninja Hanna and modeling by Sarah Whale@MIKAS.

Nathalie is wearing dress by Altewai Saome, jacket by Hope, scarf and socks by Anno Design, swim cap made by stylit’s studio and shoes by Minimarket. Mats is wearing suede vestry Acne, sweater by Minimarket, cape by Stine Goya, trousers by Nuh Doung, scarf by Kriss and shoes by Ylva Sahlström. Photograhy by Marlon Rueberg, stling by Oscar Lange, hair by Erika Svedjevik@LINKDetails for Redken, make up by Sara Denman@MIKAS Looks, stylist’s assistance by Ylva Sahlström, make up assistance by Bidisha Larsson@MIKAS Looks, hair assistance by Elin Eriksson, photographer’s assistance by Dan Sjölund, casting by Rebecka Synk and modeling by Nathalie and Mats@Nish Management. Cap by MISHKA @ Monkey Bizz sthlm, fur jacket by Heidi Nilaussen, t-shirt by Cheap Monday, shirt toille by Johannes Lejonborg, belt by Acne, belt buckle by Punkt Shop, necklaces by Just Africa and thongs and belts stylist’s own. Photogrpahy by Linnea Sjöberg, styling by Christopher Insulander, hair by Karl Eklund@MIKAs Lokks, make up by Pari Damani@Agent Bauer and modeling by Johanna R@Stockholmsgruppen.