Fashion Story: Cash and Carry

Shirt, Gloves and trousers by Playa De Anza and red espadrillos by Alpargatus. Trousers, shirt and red suit by Playa De Anza. Yellow earrings by Contraform, red mules by Bimba Y Lola, vintage earrings by Fairlinaff and blue high heels by Zara.
Wax print dress by Playa De Anza, blue high heels by Zara and earrings by Cristina Junquero.
Dresses by Playa De Anza, red mules by Bimba Y Lola and red espadrillos by Alpargatus. Dress by by Playa De Anza. Red espadrillos by Alpargatus. Photography by Claret Castell, fashion by Valentina Alvarado, hair and make up by Andrea Moreno Soto, production by Playa de Anza, modeling by Awil Hernández and Naivid Cosme. Photographer’s assistance by Lauren Grace Watson.