Fashion Story: A Dream

Dress by Cettina Bucca, corset by Absidem, shorts by Simon Cracker, ring and earring by Nageoire. Shirt annd corset by Judy Zhang, boots: Simon Cracker, slips by Saverio Palatella.
Sweater by Pomandère and sweater by Saverio Palatella. Hats by Montegallo Alice Catena Customized by Clorophilla, boots by Simon Cracker.
Top and shorts by Gentile Milano. Jacket and shorts by Revalue, choker by Absidem.
Top and shorts by Gentile Milano. socks by Simon Cracker. Coat by Christopher Raxxy, body and pants by Ravenna Osgood. Photography by Clara Parmigiani, fashion by Giada Grazioli, hair and make up by Giada Pinato and modeling by Dasha@Select Milano. Hair and make up assistance Germana Idrizi.