Fashion Story: A Game Of Waiting


Shirt by American Apparel. Bodysuit by American Apparel and hat by King Size Vintage.

Sunglasses by Spitfire and bra, panties and socks by American Apparel. Bra by American Apparel, collar by Groupies Vintage, sunglasses by Spitfire and shorts by Groupies Vintage.

Clothes by Groupies.

Top by Groupies, panties by American Apparel and leggings by Missoni. Swimsuit by King Size Vintage and shirt by Mauro Grifoni. Photography by Viola Rolando, fashion by Maela Leporati@Aura Photo Agency, make up by Erika Ginevra Meyer, hair by Maurizio Morreale and modeling by Ugne@IMG. Creative info: Viola Rolando and Maela Leporati.