Fashion Story: A Life Less Ordinary


Jacket by By Malene Birger, sports tee by Tommy Hilfigher, tights by Under The Same Sun, skirt by Giorgi Rostiashvili, shoes by stylist studio. Hoodie by Dr Denim, skirt by Whyred, belt by Hope, gloves by Josephine Bergqvist, leggings by Under The Same Sun, shoes by Ganni and earrings by Sif Jakobs.

Dress by Greta Gram, sweater by Wood Wood, belt by Saddler, earring in left ear by Bow Label and earring right ear by Maria Black. Rain coat by Stutterheim, red scarf by ???, dress by Rodebjer, red top by BACK, pants by Greta Gram, shoes by Livia Scück, earring in left ear by Bow Label and earring in right ear by Maria Black.

Jacket by Livia Scück, black top by BACK, turtleneck by By Malene Birger, pants by Dagmar, earcuff and earring by Sif Jakobs. Yellow checked top by Josephine Bergqvist, black turtleneck by Giorgi Rostiashvili, belt by BACK, trousers by Hope, shoes by Jennie-Ellen and earrings by All Blues.

Leather jacket by Acne Studios, shiny body by BACK, T-shirt by Acne Studios, tights by M Missoni, earrings by All Blues, shoes by Whyred. Navy top by WeSC, turtleneck made by Stylist Studio, sports sweater by Wood Wood, leather jeans by Josephine Bergqvist and belt by Hope.

Top by Acne Studios, black cropped top by Bitte Kai Rand, pants by Wood Wood, yellow coat by Josephine Bergqvist and earrings by Sif Jakobs. Photography by Ludvig Rönn, fashion by Hilda Sandström, hair and makeup by Elin Svensson@Agent Bauer, fashion assistance by Sandra Ekenstam and modeling by Cajsa Wessberg@Stockholmsgruppen.