Fashion Story: A Little More Summertime

T-shirt by Clone, dress by The Source, gloves by Le Bijou, turtle neck top by Bodements, yellow singlet by The Source, pants stylist’s own and socks by Dapper Homme.

Jacket by Topshop, dress by Bodice, stockings by Le Bijou, dress by Bodice, stockings by Le Bijou and fan by The Source.

Turtle neck top by The Source, singlet bra by Topshop, pants by The Source, stockings by Le Bijou, jacket by Bodements, pants by The Source and stockings by Le Bijou.

Dress by LYOR soleil, scarf stylist’s own, shirt by The Source and belt by Anwar Aly’s.

Jacket by Bodements, skirt by Clothing Rental and stockings by Le Bijou.

Jumpsuit by Bodements, jacket by Biance and socks by HM. Photography and creative direction by Abhishek Joshi, fashion by Anchal Notani, makeup and hair by Guia Bianchi@Anima Creatives, modeling by Peka Fanai@Anima Creatives and Aaliya. Creative info: Abhishek Joshi and Guia Bianchi.