Fashion Story: A mad Tea Party in the Fairy Garden

Jacket and leg warmers by Yuya Kudo, top by KAIKO, shorts by Sunny Sports, ring by DRESSEDUNDRESSED, shoes stylist’s own. Shirt and pants by DRESSEDUNDRESSED, hat and bracelet stylist’s own.
Coat by kudos, T-shirt by N’enuphar
Necklace by Harim. Tie by Little Big, pants by Yuya Kudo,
sunglasses by Mr.Gentleman, Shoes by Midorikawa Ryo,
jacket and shirt stylist’s own.
Jacket and hoodie by Homeless Tailor,
shirt by Children of the Discordance,
pants by Yuya Kudo. Sweater by The Inoue Brothers×Renoma Paris, pants by Fuji, shoes by ASICS×GmbH, vest and belt stylist’s own.
Vest by Children of the Discordance, necklace by IVXLCDM, shirt and pants stylist’s own. Jacket by DRESSEDUNDRESSED, shirt by Yuya Kudo, pants Kaiko. Photography by Masamichi Hirose, fashion by Shohei Miura, hair and make up by Kenta Taga, modeling by Isana@Friday.