Fashion Story: A New Beginning

Dress by Lorenzo Martinez, earrings by Lineargent and shoes by Zara. Dress by Jorge Ayala, earrings by Lineargent and shoes by Zara.

Scarf by Celine and bomber by Abel Burrillo.

Jacket by Jorge Ayala, shoes by Zara and earrings by PDPAOLA. Sweater vintage, trousers by Lorenzo Martinez.

Blouse by Lorenzo Martinez, dress by Silvia Gutierrez, tights by HYD, fanny pack by BIOMBO, shoes by Zara and rings by Fernando Rodriguez.

Jacket by Jorge Ayala and earrings by PDPAOLA. Photography by Amílcar Lusinchi, fashion by Silvia Gutierrez, makeup by Jess Aguirre and modeling by Malika El Maslouhi@Viva Models.