Fashion Story: A Place To Hide

Trousers by Pence1979 and shirt by Huge. Full outfit by Barbara Bologna.

Leather jacket by Salvatore Santoro and trench by Matteo Lamandini. Trench by Salvatore Santoro, trousers by Milano140 and T-shirt by Sunnei.

Dress by Actn1, pants by Salvatore Vignola, shirt by Milano140 and pants by Vièn. Dress by Salvatore Vignola and shoes by Fabio Rusconi.

Coat by Vien, jacket by Melampo and shoes by Fabio Rusconi. Trench by Burberry. Photography by Fabio Bozzetti, fashion by Arianna Zanetti, set design by Lorenzo Dispensa, fashion assistance by Arianna Fusani and modeling by Val@Thelabmodels.