Fashion Story: A Question Of Color And Quest


Shirt by Himumimdead, polaoid earing by Mamadoux. Standing in front of Lefty Out There Art Wall. Vintage Dress.

Hat and top by Vivienne Westwood and vintage pants. Hair glitter by Major Moonshine and sweatshirt by Himumimdead.

Dress by Vivienne Westwood, vintage glasses by Gucci, standing in Front of Ross Schaner Art Wall. Trenchcoat painted by Lefty Out There, glasses by Esqape, jeans by J Brand, shirt Vintage and vintage heels.

Hat by Viviene Westwood, vintage jumpsuit, vintage earings, standing in Front of Stefan Art Wall. Photography by Di Henri Aquije, fashion, hair and makeup by Palma Wright and modeling by Ruari Luke@HMM Agency and Vivi Coxy. Creative info: Di Henri Aquije.