Fashion Story: A Ten Minute Break

Shirt by Wasteland vintage, snow suit by Wasteland vintage and backpack by 66°NORTH. Coat by Selected, hoodie by Lærke Andersen, skirt by Freya Dalsjo, tights by Hyste- ria and shoes by Vagabond.

Coat by Selected and hoodie by Lærke Andersen. Jacket by Colmar.

Raincoat by 66°NORTH, sweater by Holzweiler, shirt by House of the Very Island ́s, dress by Holzweiler and shoes by Lærke Andersen. Jacket by Barbour, coat by Munthe, jumpsuit by HUNKØN, shirt by Holzweiler and shoes stylist ́s own.

Windbreaker by 66°NORTH and jumpsuit by Lærke Andersen.

Belt by Lærke Andersen, sweater by Holzweiler, shirt by Wasteland vintage and skirt by Selected. Photography by Eivind Hamran, fashion by Rakel Unnur, hair by Sabina Simmelhag@Agentur CPH, makeup by Vivi Pilgaard@Le Management and modeling by Clara Ruby@Le Management and Victoria Schumacher@Scoop Models. Creative info: Eivind Hamran.