Fashion Story: Acid Gold Part 2


Cap by Poundland and top by Orion Facey. Tights by American Apparel and top by Cassandra Verity.

Jumper by Carven, jacket by Leyland SDM, boots by
Natasha Somerville and Pikachu hat by Missingno. Face mask by Jay Briggs.

Latex body suit by Dayne Henderson, sweater by Marc
Jacobs and shoes stylists own. Denim Jacket by Versace, red jacket and yellow hoodie stylists own.

Gloves by Poundland. Tights by American Apparel, top by Cassandra Verity Green and back pack by Ikea.

T-Shirt by JH Zane and nipple tassels by Natasha Somerville. Cow print dress made by Clifford Jago, wellington boots by Primark, jacket by Manuel Diaz, gloves by Poundland. Pepe the dog wears Harley Davidson waistcoat by Natasha Somerville. Photography by Maxwell Clements and Henry Gorse, fashion by Clifford Jago, makeup by Daisy Harris-d’Andel, hair by Charlotte Pannell, modeling by Margarita Pugovka@Elite Model Management London and the dog Pepe. Creative info: Maxwell Clements, Henry Gorse, Daisy Harris-d’Andel and Elite Model Management London.