Fashion Story: Age of Innocence


T-shirt by Just female. Jacket by Blue Blue Japan, underwear by Momoni, shoes by Gucci and chairs by Ysl vintage.

Shirt by Corelate, skirt by Belle Rose, vintage glasses by Dolce Gabbana and accessories by Prada. Sweatshirt and trousers by Just female, accessories by Histoire de voir and shoes by Birkenstock.

Jacket by Blue Blue Japan. Jacket by Pellegrini and pants by Prada.

Sweatshirt and trousers by Baserange and accessories by Stellajean. Top vintage.

Kimono by Uma Wang and underwear by Momoni. Shirt by Paper and skirt by Belle Rose.
Photography by Lucrezia Ganazzoli, fashion by Matteo Catellani, make up and hair by Alessandra Pellacini and modeling by Romy Schoenegger.