Fashion Story: Agnes

Jacket by Daria Wierzbicka.

Shirt by Sandra Kpodonou, top and pants by &Other Stories.

Coat by Simple, shoes by &Other Stories, top and pants by Przemysław Falarz.

Shirt and pants by Daria Wierzbicka, top by 1683 Atelier and belt worn as necklace by &Other Stories.

Top by Przemysław Falarz, earring by Ania Kuczyńska and jacket by Daria Wierzbicka. Photography by Kasia Bielska, fashion by Michał Koszek, makeup by Marianna Yurkiewicz, hair by Daniel Gryszke and model by Agnes@amqmodels. Creative info: Kasia Bielska, Michał Koszek and Marianna Yurkiewicz.