Fashion Story: Air Conditioning

left, Black dress by Sindiso Khumalo, Lime Turtleneck by Arket. Right, Black Tunik and trousers with Pearls by Manakaa project. Dress by Zazi-Vintage, vest by Arket and trousers by XULY.Bët.
Blouse by Sindiso Khumalo, trousers by Closed and shoes by Veja.
Left, Metallic jacket and dress by XULY.Bët and hip bag by PSSBL. Right, black turtleneck by Arket, jacket by Ecoalf and dress by Hess Natur. Turtleneck by Arket, earings by Githan Coopoo, trousers by Blanche and cardigan by Maiami.
Merino Blanket by Dalai by Hess Natur. Dress by XULY.Bët.

Jacket and trousers by Closed, shoes by Veja. Blazer by Julia leifert, bermudas by Julia Leifert, turtleneck by Arket and earings by Githan Coopoo. Photography by Daniela Müller-Brunke, fashion by Ulrica Knutsdotter, hair and make up by Neveen Scello, modeling by Zana Sibobosi@bossmodels and Sisipho Ntsabo@icemodels.