Fashion Story: Amelia

Floral cut out suit by Monika Colja. Pyjamas by La Veste, pillow by Magniberg.
Trenchcoat by Xoel Álvarez Suárez, skirt by RUS. Dress by A.Roege Hove.
Polo and pants BY RUS, pillow by Magniberg.
Skirt by RUS, hat by Romualda. Dress by Diana Orving, top by Babett.
Sweater and top by Alicia Morgand.
Top by Cavia, trousers by Ricard Baldomà, pillow by Magniberg. Fashion Story: Amelia. Photography by Mélanie Rodriguez, fashion by Clara Dayet, modeling by Amelia Kjellin@Nisch Management.