Fashion Story: And Then You Showed Up


Jumper and trousers by Xavi Reyesand vest by Lexdeux. Top and trousers by CĂ©lia Valverde 2.

Jumper by Uterque, top by Lexdeux, trousers by Xavi Reyes and jacket by Jeaven & Jell. Top by Euphemio Fernandez, tights by Calzedonia and skirt by Lexdeux.

Jumper by Uterque and top by Lexdeux.

Top by Euphemio Fernandez. Jumper and belt by Xavi Reyes and skirt by Euphemio Fernandez. Photography by Giorgia Faga, fashion by Roxana Mirtea, studio assistance by Agustin Fallas, makeup and hair by Miguel Angel Gomez Tragacete.