Fashion Story: Another Time

Blazer by Zara, top and Choker by Cheap Monday, trousers by Manémané, collar by Thomas Sabo and shoes by Manémané. Dress and hat by Aalto.

Dress by MadRubb Latex and bomber by Riber Island. Jacket by Sandro, dress by Maria ke Fisherman and shoes by Manémané.

Dress by Manémané and tights by MadRubb Latex. Shirt by Guess, Dress by Juan Vidal and Necklace Vintage.

Shirt by Manémané, dress by Mother of Pearl and collar by Cheap Monday. Photography by Santiago Belizon, fashion by Yvonne Granada, makeup and hair by Laura Bernal, retouch by Ismael Villar and modeling by Paulina @Blow Models.