Fashion Story: Apples, Mangos and Forget Me Not´s


Sweatshirt by Ader Error and necklace by Me&Ro. Sweatshirt by Off-White, denim trousers by Claudia Li and shoes by Adidas.

T-shirt by Siwy, necklace by Me&Ro and denim shorts by MIH jeans. Bomber jacket by Alpha Industries, t-shirt by T by Alexander Wang and trousers by Karen Walker.

Denim jacket by MM6 Maison Margiela and jeans by Ader Error.

T-shirt by American Apparel, necklace by Me&Ro and denim skirt by Eckhaus Latta.

Necklace by Me&Ro, vintage sweatshirt stylist´s own, skirt by Chanel and shoes by Adidas. Necklace by Me&Ro and t-shirt by American Apparel.

T-shirt by Siwy, necklace by Me&Ro, denim trousers by MIH Jeans and shoes by Adidas. Photography by Maria Karas, fashion editor by David Gómez-Villamediana x Dupla Creative, hair by KIYO Igarashi, make up by Christyna Kay and modeling by Abby@DNA. Creative info: Maria Karas and Christyna Kay.