Fashion Story: Around Midnight

Coat and pants by Keisuke Yoshida, top by Little Big, sweater and shoes by Dairiku. Coat and shirt by Keisuke Yoshida, hair band by Dairiku.
Kureha wears a top by Tsuyoshi Yao Tokyo, pants by Keisuke Yoshida, earring by Mikage Shin. Hiei wears pants by Keisuke Yoshida, earring by Fumie Tanaka, jacket stylist’s own.
Kureha wears a jacket by Fumie Tanaka, dress by Keisuke Yoshida, cuff by Piferi. Hiei wears a jacket by Dressed Undressed, shirt and shoes by Dairiku, pants by Fumie Tanaka, earring by Mikage Shin. Photography By Kizen, fashion by Minami Taira, hair By Masashi Konno, make up by Riina, props by Hanyi Cheng, retouch by Mari Obara and modeling by Kureha@bravomodels.asian and Hiei@wolf_entertainment_agency.