Fashion Story: Be There

Blazer by Gabriela Hezner, shirt by JAK, earrings and necklace by Maksi.miuk, tights stylist’s own, shoe (right side) by Bohema Clothing, shoe (left side) by Maciej Piłat. Blouse by Kovalowe, pants and belt by AGGI, collar created by Caro Adamska, shoes by Maciej Piłat, earrings by Maksi.miuk. 

Coat by Lydia Spring, collar stylist’s own, erarrings by Maksi.miuk. 

Shirt by High Numbers, blazer and skirt by Patrizia Ende, shoes by Bohema Clothing, earrings by Maksi.miuk, tights stylist’s own. Cape by High Numbers, gloves by Promees Lingerie, pants by High Numbers, earrings by Maksi.miuk, shoes by Maciej Piłat. Photography by Aleksandra Zaborowska, fashion and make up by Caro Adamska, hair by Katya Yefremova and modeling by Fryderyka@D’VISION Model Management