Fashion Story: Bel Air

Coat by Malva Florea, dress by AMG, shoes by Hameleon. Dress by Jammeme, vest by Malva Florea, jewelry by Melissa jewerly, shoes by Sinobi.
Dress by AMG, top by Jammeme, shoes by Hameleon.
Kerchief by O.darki, coat by Vorozhbyt & Zemskova, skirt and top by AMG, shoes by Marsala. Suit by T.mosca, coat by Vorozhbyt & Zemskova, jewelry by Chego Jewelry, balaclava by Wenecks. Photography by Anna Ivannikova, fashion by Sophiе Nevedomaya, hair by Katya Pikhlak, make up by Victoria Kelin, modeling by Anastasia Adamenko @firstline.mgmt and fashion assistance by Diana Dicsiona.