Fashion Story: Berliner Gören

Green snake top by Alles Berlin , pink jacket by Namilia, trousers by Daniela Meichelboeck, diamante top by Daniela Meichelboeck, trousers by Namilia and land yard by Sample CM.

Diamante top by Daniela Meichelboeck. Full outfit by Jasmine Erb, lime suit by Jasmine Erb, green unitard by Alles Berlin and belt bag by Sample CM.

Pink shorts by Jasmine Erb , black leotard with blue flames by Namilia, green shorts and leotards by Alles Berlin, black leotard by Namilia.

Trousers by Daniela Meichelboeck and jacket by Veronika Hopponen via Studio 183.

Rollneck by Sample CM and jacket by Veronika Hopponen via Studio 183. Suit by Jasmine Erb.

Black leotard by Namilia. Photography by Lisa Marleen Mueller, fashion by Rhianedd Dancey and modeling by Cecilie@LeadDevelop and Esra@Letitgomgmt.