Fashion Story: Blurred Line

Jacket by John Galliano, skirt by Rochas, pants by Paco Rabanne, shoes by Nehera and socks by Falke. Coat by Jourden and necklace by Isharya.

Top and skirt by Rochas, shoes by Nehera, gold choker by Atelier Mon and black choker by Isharya.

Jacket by Lutz Huelle, dress by Dorhout Mees, boxers by Sirloin and earrings by Sarah Magid. Dress by J.W Anderson, top by Paco Rabanne, belt by John Galliano and earring by Sarah Magid.

Coat and rings by Koche, body by Sirloin. Coat and scarf by Drome and choker by Isharya. Photography by Yohan Burel, fashion by Mirey Enverova, makeup by Marie Tritsch, hair by Yolette Bouchar, production by ERP Management and modeling by Dina Shalaby@IMG. Creative info: Marie Tritsch, Yolette Bouchar, Yohan Burel, Mirey Enverova and ERP Management.