Fashion Story: Bonjour Tristesse

Kimono and pants by Lazoschmidl, shoes by Linus Leonardsson, necklace and chain by Iameleni. Hannes wears a jacket by Levi’s, jeans by Acne Studios and sneakers by Saucony. Johanna wears a body by Linus Leonardsson, skirt and bag by Stand Studio and sandals by Vagabond.
Shirt vintage and pants by Acne Studios.
Vest by Linus Leonardsson, shirt and pants by Uniqlo, tie by Oscar Jacobson and sneakers by Acne Studios. Jacket, skirt and pants by Our Legacy and bikini top by Weekday.
Johanna wears a leather blazer by Adnym Atelier. Vest, shirt, skirt and pumps by Acne Studios and sunglasses by Spectrum. Hannes wears a sweater by Weekday, pants by Jon Allensten, sunglasses by Vogue, both necklaces by Iameleni and shoes by Linus Leonardsson.
Overshirt and pants by Adnym Atelier, shirt by Uniqlo, scarf and sneakers by Acne Studios. Jacket by Arket, pants and shoes by Our Legacy and tie by Oscar Jacobson.
Shirt and pants by Lazoschmidl, sneakers by Acne Studios and necklace by Edblad. Johanna wears a blazer and shorts by Stand Studio, scarf on head by Studio Heijne, glasses by Chimi and boots by Vagabond. Hannes wears a knitted tank top and pants by Our Legacy, vintage belt and shoes by Arket. Photography by Niklas Marklund, fashion by Sandra Ekenstam, hair and make up by Moona Narancic, fashion assistance by Katija Hirsch, modeling by Johanna Ovelius and Hannes Ferm@Nisch Management.