Fashion Story: Brilliant Velvet


Blouse by zara and coat by A Troyan. Trousers by Yana Fadeeva, jacket and shoes by Adidas and coupling by Buro-Atelier Lártisan.

Overalls by Yana Fadeeva, dress by Buro-Atelier Lártisan and shoes by Zara. Jacket by A_Troyan and skirt by Buro-Atelier Lártisan.

Dress by Buro-Atelier Lártisan and overalls by H&M. JAcket by Zara and trousers by A_Troyan.

Jacket by Yana fadeeva and dress by Buro-Atelier Lártisan.
Photography by Konstantin Sorokin, fashion by Natasha Gorkava, makeup and hair by Yulia Pantiukhina and modeling by Erica Bulataya@Performance model management.