Fashion Story: Céline

Shirt, jumper and skirt by Victoria Backham, tights by Falke and shoes by ACNE Studios. Dress and turtleneck by Lacoste look 60.

Necklace by Hanka In Striped shirt and trousers by Missoni.

Earring by Givenchy, shirt by Mulberry Look 29, suit by Kristina Fidelskaya Look 36, belt by Hermès and boots by Nodaleto.

Dress top by ROKH. Sunglasses by Céline, silver earring by ACNE Studios, shirt by Kwaidan Editions and suit by ACNE Studios.  Photography by Charlotte Lapalus, fashion by Emmanuelle de Luze, hair and makeup by Emilie Green, production by Sebastien Guidicelli and modeling by Céline Bouly.