Fashion Story: Color Touch

Dress by Zara, tights by H&M, shoes by Uterque and earrings by Modbrand.

Jacket by FY:R, pants by Mango, shoes by Gucci and earrings by Modbrand. Tights by H&M.

Blouse by Chanel, skirt by Polyhedron, boots by Converse and earrings by Modbrand. Suit by FY:R and necklace by Modbrand.

Coat by Polyhedron. Blouse by Chanel, pants by Mango and earrings by Modbrand. Photography by Anna Grodskaya and Danila Romankov, fashion by Marina  Ulyanova, makeup and hair by Svetlana Shayda and modeling by Klara@mintmodelrussia.