Fashion Story: Coralia

Dress by Marlou Breuls, shoes by Otilia Vieru and earring by Orcuzs. All clothes by Vincent Wong.
Dress by Nicolas Jimenez and shirt by Otilia Vieru.
Jumpsuit by Studio Frowijn, neon Pants and shoes by Otilia Vieru, earring by Orcuzs.
Shirt by Otilia Vieru and hat by Laura Silberzahn. Pants by Juris Efnerisand top by Otilia Vieru.
Top by Katie Tubbing and pants by Vincent Wong. Photography and fashion by Victimo Studio, hair and make up by Anita Jolles, modeling by Jelle Haen @republicmen and Minnie Reina@ullamodels. Production Assistance by Otilia Vieru and Nicolas Jimenez.