Fashion Story: Daydream

Body suits and pants by Leinwande, coat by Siiilon and shoes stylist own. Coat by Chika Kisada and top by Hatra.

Full outfit stylist´s own.

Bolero by Jean Genie & Hungry Freaks and dress by Hatra. Knit by Leinwande and dress by Chika Kisada.

Top by Hatra. Vest by Siiilon, top by Rekisami and pants by Hatra.

Dress by Chika Kisada, top by Hatra, skirt by Jean Genie & Hungry Freaks and pants by Siiilon. Photography by Yoshiki Nakajima, fashion by Hideki Sonoyama, hair and makeup by Rina Koike and modeling by Naoko Uesaki. Creative info: Yoshiki Nakajima, Rina Koike, Naoko Uesaki and Hideki Sonoyama.