Fashion Story: Daydream

Skirt by Gianluca Zumbolo and orbit earrings by Dea Rail.

Bra and trousers set vintage Miu Miu from Anemonia.

Mesh set vintage Plein Sud and holographic shoes vintage Miu Miu from Anemonia, T String by Dolce Amore Intimo, simena ring, phanagoria crown ring and spiral galaxy earrings by Dea Rail ,papaver rhoeas rings, phoenix dactylifera ear cuff and papaver rhoeas earring by Le Jardin de Plaisir.

Mesh top vintage Jean Paul Gaultier, corset vintage MAX&Co., shrug vintage Issey Miyake, handmade vintage leather belt from Anemonia, simena ring and phanagoria crown ring by Dea Rail, papaver rhoeas rings, araucaria heterophylla rings, papaver rhoeas earrings and ear cuff by Le Jardin de Plaisir. Photography by Costanza Musto, fashion by by Chiara Franco, hair by Elisabetta Di Ruscio, make up by Martina Di Cori, modeling by Martina Saponaro and nails by Laura Taglienti.