Fashion Story: Daydream

 Leotards vintage from Curios Tokyo, hair clips by Nu Uniform x Christopher Loden, tights by Kiwanda Kiwanda. Gown, hat and shoes from Curious Tokyo, bra by Susan Fang x Victoria’s Secret, shorts by Papi Nav, tights by Kiwanda Kiwanda. 

Dress by Nu Uniform, hand cuff by Nu Uniform x Christopher Loden, bag by Susan Fang.

Dress by Renli Su, earrings by Susan Fang. Dress and hat by Renli Su, tights stylist´s own. Photography by Hana Snow, fashion by Nao Koyabu, hair by Mayuko Nakae, make up by Kazuhiro Takenaka and modeling by Polina Osipova.