Fashion Story: Devil Stole My Bike

Blazer by Versace, tie by Lanvin and jeans by Tri Colour Federation. Suit by Nigel Vogler, turtleneck by H&M and boots by Peter Werth.

Suit by Francis Kwamee, shirt by Tom Browne and shoes by Toms. Suit by Tommy Hilfiger and T-shirt by Nigel Vogler.

Jacket by Versace, pants and shoes by Nigel Vogler. Polo by Hugo Boss.

Shirt by Lanvin and jeans by Versace. Suit by Prada and shoes by Adidas. Photographer by Matthias Ogger, fashion by Brett Bowen, hair and makeup Meg Guthrie and modeling by Evan Evagora@Chadwick Models. Creative info: Matthias Ogger and Brett Bowen.