Fashion Story: Disappearer

Top and shorts by TTSWTRS, Sneakers by YEEZY and socks by Vetements.
Hoodie by Gosha Rubchinskiy and Chain by Chanel. Sneakers by YEEZY, socks by Vetements and hoodie by Made In Toyland.
Pants by Puma x Sankuanz, bomber by 424, sneakers by Balenciaga and accessories by Juicy Couture.
Stockings and T-shirt by Vetements, sneakers by Balenciaga, accessories by Juicy Couture and eyewear by Balenciaga.
Hoodie by Made in Toyland and eyewear by Balenciaga. 424 bomber and Gucci eyewear. Photography by Marie Lourier and fashion by Freya Girls. Modeling by Sasha Liz, production by Lexa Kim, assistance by Alexandra Kolesnik and Daria Atamanovskaya.