Fashion Story: Dystonia

Coat by Paul Smith, shirt by Lanvin, trousers by Berwich and mask by Agglomerati. Mask by Agglomerati, turtleneck by Reamerei, trousers by Berwich.
Helmet by Crusade, cape by Cos, shirt by Giampaolo, trousers by Berwich. Jacket by Tagliatore, turtleneck by Reamerei and trousers by Berwich.
Knitted helmet Crusade, trenchcoat by Tpn and trousers by Berwich. Total look by Reamerei.
Top by Odiodi. Mask by Agglomerati. Photography by Pasquale Autorino, fashion by Lorenzo Garzelli, hair and make up by Noemi Auetasc, modeling by Erik Minarovic @Independent mgmt and assistance by Timothy Boue.