Fashion Story: Elements

Coat vintage and boots by Zara. Hat by by Julia Vetrova, shoes by New Look, trench, trousers, blouse vintage.

Pants by ZARA, blouse and straw hat vintage.

Raincoat by Julia Vetrova, elastic boots by Zara, artificial leather jacket and skirt vintage. Coat vintage and boots by Zara.

Jacket, wool trousers, shawl, bag and glasses vintage. Jacket by Lewis, silver earrings by Mint Jewelry, wool trousers, poloneck and wool beret vintage. Photography by Elena Dvukhglavova, fashion by Julia Vetrova, hair and makeup by Nikita Kozlovskiy, assistance by Daria Lyutyih, Tanya Nesmeyanova and Maksim Cherkashin, modeling by Olga Harhalyova.