Fashion Story: Evolving from Nowness

Dress by Baro Lucas and dress by Corina + Irina.

Shirt by Fabrizio Celleri, top and trousers by Dominnico, coat by Jnorig and shoes by Nike.

Coat by Corina + Irina and dress by Zer Collection. Coat by Zer Collection, dress by Loidi Collection and accessories stylists own.

Jacket and top by Dominnico and dress by Violeta Arellano.

Jacket by Ynés Suelves, bikini top by Wild We Clothing, trousers by Baro Lucas and accessories stylists own. Dress by Baro Lucas, dress by Corinna + Irina and shoes by Nike.

Jumpsuit by Jorge Ayala, glasses by Lool Eyewear and shoes by Nike. 
Photography by Antonella Arismendi, fashion by Stylists in Crime, makeup and hair by Brenda Sarkissian and modeling by Vanuza Casemiro. Creative info: Antonella Arismendi, Stylists in Crime and Brenda Sarkissian.