Fashion Story: Faubourg Saint Denis


Shirt by Saint-Paul, polosweat and jumpsuit by Vivienne Westwood, shoes by Dior Homme. Coat by Y-3, black shirt by Joseph, pants by Faith Connexion, scarf by Faith Connexion and shoes by Diesel Black Gold.

Stripped jacket by Vivienne Westwood, turtle neck by Valentino, jeans by Dior Homme sweat sleaveless by Tiger of Sweden and shoes by Dior Homme.

Blaser and shirt all by Marc Jacobs and leather pants by Diesel Black Gold.

Turtle neck by Valentino, zebra top by Faith Connexion, Blaser by Vicomte Arthur, and pants by Tiger of Sweden. Jacket by Marc Jacobs, white polo by Sandro and black stripped polo by Paul Smith.

Blaser by Vivienne Westwood, sweat by Marc Jacobs, stripped pants by Vivienne Westwood.

Blue suit and sweat by Marc Jacobs and shoes by Dior Homme. Photography by Clémentine Passet, fashion by Jérémie Girard, fashion assistance by Grace Sundarathiti, hair and make up by François Régaudie and modeling by Liren Shih. Creative info: Clémentine Passet, Jérémie Girard and François Régaudie.