Fashion Story: Find us in the Shade

Block print shirt dress and skirt by Poochki, quilted trench coat by Suket Dhir, head scarf by Paralove and boots by HM. Pant Suit by Suket Dhir.
Pant Suit by Suket Dhir, silk slip by Little Things Studio and boots by HM. Striped Blazer,Shibori print dress and tie-dye pleated pants by Urvashi Kaur.
Geomtric silk shirt dress and pants by Divyam Mehta, tie-dye sari used as a headwrap by Urvashi Kaur and boots by HM. Ikat Dress by EKA and boots by HM. Photography by Runvijay Paul, fashion by Aaditya Walia@paraloveofficial, hair and make up by Sunil Gautam, modeling by Kiyara Sandhu@Inega Models, produced by DK Talkies, line production by Rajesh Shekhawat.